Lininė suknelė

Fields of Linen –

it’s an inspiration to see the beauty of nature and create it in everyday life.


Linen is the strongest natural fiber in the world and is much more durable than cotton. After each wash, linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkled. Over the years, linen fabric not only does not deteriorate but also becomes whiter and softer. Additionally, with each wash, linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkled. Linen is a natural and 100% eco-friendly fabric. It is a product without waste, causing no harm to nature. Moreover, the linen we use is certified with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Love Yourself

The natural fiber linen we use for sewing clothes is soft and comfortable to wear, and it is grown and manufactured in Lithuania. One of the essential characteristics of linen is its breathability, reducing sweating and keeping the body cool in hot weather while providing warmth in cold conditions. Linen also boasts antibacterial properties, preventing the spread of microbes. Less dirt, soap residue, and lime deposits accumulate on the surface of linen fabric. For this reason, it is suitable for small children or individuals with skin issues.