Lininiai rūbai

Sustainable Beauty

Get to know us!

Fields of Linen is our inspiration to see the beauty in nature and create it in everyday life. We sew garments by hand from natural linen. We develop the idea together – a mother and daughter – and dedicate it to your families.


Milda Andriuškienė

Founder / Clothing Designer and Marketing Specialist

I am a nature-loving person. My new goal is to apply the lessons nature has given me in my daily life. Since I have a very loving mother who is an exceptional seamstress, we decided to do it together. Linen clothing is our new passion!

Birutė Šlepavičienė

Founder / Seamstress

Sewing is both my hobby and profession for over 40 years. I have been sewing clothes for my own children, and now I’m sewing for my grandchildren. I am ready to do much more with the support of my dear daughter who constantly inspires me.

Lost in the fields

Why Fields of Linen? It’s a name that tells stories, full of warmth, care, and love. Our entire family, from generation to generation, grew up surrounded by nature and fields in a small Lithuanian village. It was the place where we learned to walk, listened to the music of birds, drank fresh juices, picked berries, ran barefoot through the meadows, and always felt loved. Fields of Linen is the continuation of those journeys.


Linen fabrics are among the oldest in the world. In Lithuanian folklore, linen was considered a sacred plant and is mentioned in the oldest Lithuanian folk songs. Linen fabric, with its connection to the earth, reminds us of times when life mostly unfolded in the fields, close to nature and naturalness.

With our work, we aim to convey the natural connection between humans and nature, while turning to our roots. We believe in authenticity and natural beauty, and that’s why we create linen products that reflect what is in our hearts…


Linen is the strongest natural fiber in the world and is much more durable than cotton. After each wash, linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkled. Over the years, linen fabric not only does not deteriorate but also becomes whiter and softer. Additionally, with each wash, linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkled. Linen is a natural and 100% eco-friendly fabric. It is a product without waste, causing no harm to nature.

Inspired by these wonderful qualities of linen, we decided to open our sustainable store Fields of Linen. Unlike “fast fashion,” we are guided by the principles of responsible and thoughtful clothing. Our linen garments are long-lasting and sustainable; they do not deteriorate but, in fact, become more beautiful with time. We believe that our concept of “slow fashion” and mindful shopping will resonate with your hearts and bring joy through enduring beauty.


The linen fabrics we use to make clothing are supplied by ethical and environmentally friendly suppliers in Lithuania. Our linen is soft and comfortable to use. It is also safe for babies, children, and people with sensitive skin.

The linen we use has an OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate. Oeko-Tex® 100 is a globally recognized international ecological standard created by the Austrian Textile Research Institute (OTI) and the German Hohenstein Research Institute. Products marked with the Oeko-Tex® 100 label do not have a negative or harmful impact on consumers. The Oeko-Tex® 100 standard sets strict limits for harmful substances in textile production.

Creating with love

All our clothing is carefully designed and sewn with love and care by the members of our Fields of Linen team here in Lithuania, down to the smallest details.