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Linen bedding: 5 reasons to say “YES”

Linen and cotton are natural fibers, both suitable for making bedding due to their qualities. These materials are quite similar but have differences in some properties, appearance, and touch.

Strength: Linen is three times stronger and wears out five times more slowly than cotton.

After 3 Years of Use: With continuous use and washing, linen bedding becomes softer with each wash. Linen is unique in that over time, it not only doesn’t deteriorate but also becomes whiter and more beautiful. Properly cared for cotton bedding will stay like new for about 3-5 years, until the first signs of wear appear.

Thermoregulation: Linen maintains a constant body temperature while sleeping – it cools during hot summer nights and warms during colder seasons. Cotton bedding can become either too hot or too cool, depending on the weave.

Longevity: Linen bedding can be passed down from generation to generation and may last 20-30 years. Cotton bedding is typically used for about 10 years.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Linen has antibacterial properties and is suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive individuals. Cotton is suitable for sensitive people but lacks antibacterial properties.

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